Safe & Trace

How It Works

Why Safe & Trace?

losing your keys, phone, wallet, suitcase or anything else dear and/ or valuable.

Think that..

you can supply all above mentioned items and more with a sticker which enables the honest finder to contact you for retrieval of these goods.

Activation is.. 
quite simple. All the stickers have an unique code which can be activated by you in a  quick and  easy way. Your privacy is guaranteed, no names, no addresses, no phonenumbers, no email accounts are known to other parties.

is not forever. Just state your loss on the website of Safe & Trace and let the honest finder do her/his work.

The finder..
can post his find on the website of Safe & Trace without login. The procedure is quick and simple. After filling in the unique code of the sticker and stating his contactinfo, simultaneously a text message and email will be send to the rightful owner of the found item.

Retrieval is..
only one step away. The owner receives the text message/ email and takes contact with the finder to arrange a meeting.

Buy now..
and secure your valuable items today. Check the webshop of Safe & Trace for our latest items.