Safe & Trace



These tips may seem obvious to you but the reality is that travelers often are too much in a hurry to practice what they already know.

Store all your soap, shampoo, and sunscreen in your baggage. If you try to bring them along in your carry-on bag, you may be flagged and pulled aside at the security checkpoint. To prevent leakage perhaps it is better to buy these articles at your destination.

See to it that your luggage is in a good shape, there are no cracks, and that the suitcase closes properly.

Check in advance what airlines charge for your luggage. Perhaps you will decide to travel lighter.

Remember the details of the checked- in luggage like the color, the dimensions, the type, etc. Safe the information on your laptop/ smartphone.

Golden rule. 
Pack your bags, and then take out half.  This reflects our all too human tendency to take more than we need when we travel. Less weight = less injury + less airline costs.

Be sure that the labeling, done by yourself or by the airport staff, is executed properly holding the correct flight details.

Make a list of the content of your suitcase and/or make a picture in helping you remember. This list will also help you in making sure to pack essential items for your trip.

Always use locks, even if these are not tamperproof it will slow down the process of theft and pilferage.

Do not pack medicines in your suitcase you might need urgently or which you can’t order or are difficult to obtain at your destination.

Over packing. 
Don't over pack your luggage. Over packed baggage is more likely to suffer damage or burst at the seams. Furthermore, most airlines refuse to pay for damaged baggage if they determine that it was over packed. Not to mention that over packed luggage makes the job of the baggage handler harder.

Always store some extra clothes, deodorant, a toothbrush, and a few other essentials in your carry-on bag. In case your baggage goes missing, it doesn't hurt to have some extra underwear available. Furthermore, if you travel overseas, you may have difficulty locating your usual brand of toothpaste or deodorant.

Keep the receipts with the identification numbers of the checked- in luggage in a safe place, preferably in your passport.

Accidental bag switches usually occur because two bags look alike. This is best avoided by purchasing uniquely designed baggage. In case you already have a regular looking bag, then decorate it with some colorful ribbons, bandanas, or even pompoms.

Do not pack valuable items in your suitcase like jewelry, laptops, cell phones, money, keys, etc. Keep these with you in your carry-on bag.

Safe & Trace.
Last but certainly not least, use Safe & Trace products to secure and trace your luggage. It also helps you to recognize your suitcase and lowers the risks of bag switching.
More tips will follow. If you have tips, please share them with other travelers and send us an e-mail .