Safe & Trace

Frequenty Asked Questions


What is Safe & Trace?
Safe & Trace helps the honest finder to reunite you with your lost valuables. The Safe & Trace software works independent from other systems and also can be used by airport-, airline- and railway- authorities as complimentary to their existing Lost & Found systems.

Why Safe & Trace?
Safe & Trace products are cheap, easy to apply and activate and furthermore work quick and efficient. With the labels and belts of Safe & Trace you can distinguish your valuables from those of others which will result is less mix- ups at airports, stations, congressses, hotels, etc. All this is done in a better way than the existing products while it combines security and tracing. The products can be applied anywhere, anytime and without professional help.

Where to buy?
The products can be bought 24/7 worldwide via the Safe & Trace webshop but also via appointed Safe & Trace dealers.

What about privacy?
Safe & Trace only asks you to register your e-mail, cell phone number and password. This information is not revealed to third parties, thus also the honest finder does not know who you are.

What more is possible?
After registration, you can fill in details like flight number, date of travel, details of valuables (brand, type, dimensions ) and even upload a picture of these.

Why should I fill in details?
If your valuable is lost, the details will help the authorities in finding your stuff quicker.

How do I register?
Just press on “LOGIN” and follow the few steps to register.

How do I activate?
Just press on “LOGIN” and follow the few steps to activate.

How long is the registration valid?
Each registration is linked to a unique number and is valid for 2 years. After these 2 years the registration expires automatically and you will have to buy new stickers or labels and apply these to your valuables. Special stickers with codes placed on sealed or wrapped suitcases are valid for one time use (one flight) only.

What to do in case of loss?
Just go to “Lost Your Bag? “ and follow the few steps. After completion your lost valuable is filed as lost in the system of Safe & Trace. Any findings will be matched in our system. Also always notify the authorities at Lost & Found in the arrival hall of the airport concerned.

What happens when found?
After your valuable has been found, you will receive a text message as well as an e-mail and in it all details of the finder. You can contact the finder and make arrangements to retrieve your valuable. The finder will not see any details about you and waits till you take contact with her or him.

Is there any guarantee?
Safe & Trace products help to secure and retrieve your valuables but does not guarantee that loss will not occur. The products make your valuable stick out of the crowd and definitely helps the honest finder in making you a happy person again. The Safe & Trace system is very effective and quicker than the existing tracing systems.